Wednesday, July 31, 2013

CUSCO 7.29.13

Ok..... My bad for not writting more last week.... Ill give you all a WAY GOOD CARTA this week!

Ok so ya I am in CUUUUUUSSSSCCCOOOOOOO!!!! Por FIN! I am loving it. Even though I have only been in the department of  Cusco for the first year of my mission, I have loved every second of it and couldn{t be happier that i am here in inti raymi.

We are 26 missionaries, but all close here in the city which i really like.... I don´t have to go very far to see any of the missionaries in the zone and that is way fun because it is so much easier to help someone out if they have a need.

Last week I was on a bus.... (aka bus = teeny toyota van that they use are transport here a lot of the time and when there isn{t a seat i basically fold in have and hold on for dear life to a little metal bar that keeps me from squashing the little peruvian people with my big gringo form)

anyway I was in the folded in half position, and honestly a little bugged that I was having to ride así, when a woman asked me if she could hold my backpack. My first thought was, " I think she will take it and run when they open the door...." (I am ashamed I thought that at first) But something told me to tell her yes and she took it with Mucho Gusto. The person sitting at her side got off the bus and I decided to sit down next to her. I just had this strong feeling to talk to her. So I did! Her father in law is a member in the stake and she and her daughter began to show some interest in the church a few months ago.

They didn{t live in my sector but I decided to do a work visit and present them to the missionaries who live in their sector. The lesson was yesterday and it was just such a great experience. The mother was experiencing some health problems so we gave her a priesthood blessing and explained how priesthood power blesses families and that this was exactly the blessing that they needed in their lives at this time, Theyboth commented that they were sure the Lord had sent us to them at this time in their lives to bless them.

Ya I think so too!

I love you all! Hae a wonderful week and I PROMISE that I will slowly improve in my writing.

Elder Neff

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