Monday, July 8, 2013

SICUANI 7.8.13

Ok…. I am going to send this but I need you to promise me that you are going to UPDATE THE BLOG!  Haha Family how are you!!!  The pictures were awesome.  Yes I was there last year in the “front yard of fire” or whatever we called it.  Don’t you all remember that one of the mortar packages fell down and Brandon and High had to go and kick it in the other direction?  Which ended up being in the direction of a super dry field so we pointed it to the left and one of the mortars pegged the Glaittli Suburban… ya good times!

Ok let me tell you how we are doing here in Sicuani.  I have been here since February, can you believe it?  At this rate I am going to have only two more sectors before my time runs out…. Oh well.  If I don’t make it to the Jungle or Lake Titicaca I will at least be able to say the I am “cerano (mountain person) for life!”

We are twenty missionaries now in the zone and I am starting to realize the great changes that are going on in the missionary program world-wide.  We were a mission with about 180 missionaries?  The Lord is hastening his work and I couldn’t be serving at a more exciting time as a missionary.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the opportunity we have to repent.  It was the first class that President Harbertson gave to the missionaries and I spent a lot of time reflecting on it.  I realized what a great blessing it is to be able to repent.  As we repent we are able to change our current circumstances, and not only that, we can literally erase the past problems and transgressions that we have committed in the past.  It is the greatest gift that our Savior could give us along with the ability to overcome physical death.  I tried my very best to apply this to my teaching this week and to my personal life.  I am grateful that repentance helps me to be a better person and missionary every day, and that the greatest blessing that comes from this is a personal peace that I can show to every person that I meet.

Well what else would you like to know about life in Sicuani.  Perhaps the student strike where the kids left rocks in the street and burned tires so the cars couldn’t pass?  Haha or the other day our lunch was yams and potatoes that are cooked underground with charcoal?  (this type of cooking is called Watia) Its really tasty but you definitely have to apply the “a little dirt don’t hurt” phrase haha…. Now I know why nobody has teeth here….

I honestly love you all so much.  Dad, I was thinking…. The only Christmas/Birthday present that I really want is that when I get home, you have two fly rods waiting for us, and all the nifty stuff that we need to go fly fishing in the Uintas when I come home in June.  I can get home and that same weekend we can jump in that new shnazy CR-V and finally do that trip we were planning before the mission.  That is honestly the only thing that I want.  PROMISE ME WE CAN DO IT!  Remember that I am now responsible and committed to doing things so if you let me down I will be bummed ;)

Oh and when you send the sweater send socks…. All of mine have holes now.  


Elder Neff

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