Monday, August 5, 2013

CUSCO 8.5.13

Is it a guilty pleasure that it is playing right now "Walking on the Sun" by Smash Mouth in the internet cafe and I am singing along in my head? I remember when i was way little and Mom would put that on in the house and I would Say "play it againg! play it again!" ..... maybe don´t put that guilty pleasure on the blog..... :)

GREAT Week! I just feel so good. So pleased with all of the great things that are happening in the zone, in my sector. The zona inti raymi is doing so great.

This week my companion and I had a lot of success in finding new investigators. I love the way the Lord prepares people to recieve the gospel and how he guides us to these people so that we can help them.

Remember the story of the lady on the bus? Think of that example, and then think of the example that I am about to share with you.

For many days we had put a man named Gilbert Arias, as a plan b in our planners simply because he lived close to some of our plan A´s and we wanted to have the oportuinty to visit with him.... well for many days it seemed to be in vain that we had even put him on the list of things to do becasue we could never find him.

Yesterday, we had an appointment that was about 20 minutes away walking from our apartment towards a rather poor part of my sector. The `person that we were going to meet with wasn´t home and afer some vain attempts to find other worthwhile things to do in the area, we started to head off to our nxt appointment.

en camino, we run into a very drunk lady that pleads for our help and we stop for a minute to consol her and see how we could help (normally I avoid talking to drunk poeple but she was a woman so I felt bad and we talked to her.) After sending her off in the direction of the police station to get some help, we realize that basically all of our plans for the early afternoon have been ruined... and the looking at my planner I though to myself... "well.... lets go look for Gilbert" (I promise you most days are NOT like that)

So we went to his house, his car was there, we knock on the door and the first thing that he says is, Hermanos! Pasen! He was very excited to see us.

he is a laywer who concidentily works in Izcuchaca..... we had a great talk about that and then we asked him what he expected from us and what he would like to learn. He had many questions about the plan of salvation and what we believe as mormons. His wife has a tumor and it seems like they are passing through some real dificulties in their lives. We gave him a copy aof the book ofmormon and he promised to read and pray. As we ended the lesson he offered a prayer in which he asked to know if the book was true.

This man was a refereral from a member who was really never expected to progress, but I am so grateful that the Lord prepares his children and that dilligence is a wonderful principle we can apply in missionary work. The Lord never gives up on us and we should never give up on others either.

I love you all! I am so happy  have all of you as friends and family!


Sorrry there aaren´t any pics.... I dont have a picture adapter and the elders that have them already left because I had to spend time sending key indicatores,

NXT week Fo sho.

Elder Neff

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