Monday, July 15, 2013

SICUANI 7.15.13

Well I am sending a whole bunch of pictures right now, I hope you all enjoy!  There are a few pictures of Sicuani, Pitumarca (Yes I did baptize someone in that river!) and the Watia I told you about last week.

Mom that is totally nutz about the bear.  Happy that no one died and that Brent Henry is da man with his Bear Horn!  I hope you are all enjoying Powell even with the boat issues, send me some pictures next week!

I think that the saddest news I have is that I found out yesterday I have a change.  Can’t believe that my time in Sicuani has ended and that I am off to a new sector.  Who can say where I will be writing you all next?

One thing I can say though is that I am very pleased with the work that I have been able to do here in Sicuani.  I have learned so much and despite of all the difficulties I am happy that I have been able to grow as a missionary and feel even more my conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I am grateful in particular that I have been able to learn how to be valiant in the face of opposition even when things seem going all wrong!  Many times the work here in this zone has been less than exemplary, but I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to learn how to be a good example to others who might not be as dedicated.  

I am sad that I will be leaving my investigators, many of which are progressing and the members are becoming even more excited with the work and helping us with references every single week.  I am so sad that I have to leave the wonderful converts that mean SO much to me.  Percy and Soledad in particular.  I think that when times were rough here in Sicuani that was one of my greatest comforts…. They have not missed ONE SINGLE DAY of church since they were baptized.  They both have callings and are trying every day to live the gospel.

Love you all so much!

Elder Neff

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