Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sicuani 4.1.13

Well I have some wonderful news this week! But it also comes with some sad news. We BAPTIZED! But there aren’t any photos.... and you can blame that on problems that we had with the baptismal font and things like that. 

This Saturday was very,very interesting. We did divisions and my companion stayed in Sicuani while I went of to do baptismal interviews in PITUMARCA! We got there and waited in the adobe capilla until the investigators got there. They came from a two hour bus ride from a little village super high up above Pitumarca called Hanchipacha. First I interviewed a little boy, 8 years old. His aunt and uncle are members but his parents aren’t. Cutest little kid, his name is Ronald, spoke more quechua than spanish but we worked everything out haha. Then I interviewed the husband of one couple that was going to be baptized as well. This turned out to be a little more difficult haha, because he spoke even LESS spanish. I had to stop on a lot of the points of the baptismal questions to try and help him understand (we are talking about people who never went to school, and lived in a little peruvian village their entire lives... they have a very limited understanding of a lot of things), and then things were even more difficult with the wife  because she understood 0 español and someone had to translate. 

 I have to say that I am very grateful for the example of one of my friends Elder Ward for something that he wrote in one of his letters home... that in everyone of his baptismal interviews he has felt the spirit of whether or not someone should be baptized, or if they weren’t ready quite yet. With these people I had to rely 100% on the lord and the spirit. I was doubting, and a little nervous to make the decision with out too much knowledge of what they were saying and all of their needs. I weighed the possibilities of the situation and decided that it would be better for them to be baptized. As the sister left the room and I waited for the district leader to come back so I could talk to him about a few things... I just had the strongest feeling that I had done the right thing, and the Lord taught me a great lesson about how important it is to him that his children receive the saving ordinances. 

 Well when I got back the situation of my own baptisms was a complete WRECK! The Elders were filling the font with buckets of water because the water system wasn’t working, the investigators were arriving late, haha and I could honestly just laugh. But we worked it all out, baptized Joel and Rosalinda, and about 60 people attended their baptism. Wow I was so happy. At the end I offered to sing and sang Las familias pueden ser eternas.... Awwwwwww..... But for real it is the greatest song to sing at a baptismal service, I love bringing the spirit through music.

I hope you all had the chance to think about the savior this week. For me, I am just so grateful for the knowledge that he lives. And that is all that I am going to sayabout that. :)

 Congratulations to Beth for her mission call! 

 No package yet but it is sitting in Cusco

 I am going to take out money soon so can you send me the info from american first about how much it costs to take out money in an international location?

 Nothing more just love you all tons :) 

 Elder Neff

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