Monday, April 8, 2013

SICUANI 4.8.13

WOW! Andy Jack that dance was off da hook. What an incredible talent... I would like to say that he learned it all from me but it is obvious that he learned it from Ben with all the hip movements that were involved... haha Paige and John Congratulations! I have been praying and I am so grateful that the Lord blessed you with this great opportunity. Congratulations, success with AT&T and if I don´t get an good deal on a phone plan when I get back... I guess it wasn´t ALL in vain :)

The week was super interesting. A lot of it was planning for general conference and getting the investigators ready to hear the voices of the Prophets... My parents can testify that many times they saw me sneak of to the basement and found me sitting on the couch reading past ensigns..... I just love to read the words of the living prophets. and I love promising blessings to people! And the coolest is when you can back up the promises with your personal experiences. I just promised and promised and promised the people that if they would listen to the prophets and apply what they learned in their personal lives that the lord would bless them abundantly. Its funny how affective it is to listen to the words of the living prophets. Its like... instant remedy. What does that mean? Sometimes we really have to search the scriptures to find an answer to a question... and feeling the spirit realize how we can apply the situation to our personal lives. But when we listen to the Prophets it is amazing how the council is very direct and clear and their isn´t quite as much effort involved. It is great to have the opportunity to listen to the profits every six months to receive a good wake up call.

The talk that for me that was most dear to me was the talk by elder Richard G. Scott. I thought about all of the families that we are teaching... and that they are searching to have a christ-centered home. I love that Elder Scott said that we should build our homes with the teachings of Jesus Christ and then invite our friends to come and experience the blessing that come from such a home. I had so many thoughts enter into my mind about my own family, immediate and extended, ward members and friends who´s families and homes were examples of the love of Christ. Invite your friends members and non-members tro know exactly what that means! The people that we are teaching who are progressing the most are the ones who have family members or friends that really live the gospel of Jesus Christ and show that example in their family life.

  I interviewed a few people for baptism this week. i love participating in the ordinances of salvacion... you just feel really good. I love shaking peoples hands after having interviewed them and feeling the assurance of the spirit when they tell me " I know I am ready to make this committment with Jesus Christ" and then i can say. "I know you are too!" The photos attached are from some fun activities we did this week. It was my companions birthday... hes super old (22) Cant believe that I am about to leave my teenage years as well.
  Love you All! Que Dios Les Bendiga!
  Elder Neff

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