Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sicuani 4.15.13

My goodness I am suffering, Dad send me an email! You may not think that your normal everyday life seems interesting to me, but I would love to here from you :) ( dad I just got your email so forget i said that ;)

We´ve had a wonderful week here in sicuani. Actually... I spent a good part of the week in other sectors of the mission. Firstly, this week we had the Zone leader training mtg. with president. It´s always an amazing experience to have a training mtg with president, and even more on this occasion because he spent a good amount of his time talking about his personal feelings about being called to be a seventy. (Did you pay attention in conference? President is going to be a seventy!) It was super enjoyable the whole experience. The first thing he told us was his reaction when the area office called him.. he told us he though " uh oh, surely they are calling me to burn me about something" hahaha but instead of that they were calling him to be a 70! I am so happy for my mission president, this man has taught me more with his words and examples than I could ever thank him for. This training mtg he said a few phrases that really impacted me, a few of which were "obedience is the base of all success in life" , and " a mature man is one who learns to have emotions like a child". These phrases impacted me and i have tried to put them into action in my daily proselytizing life haha. 

 I especially had the chance when we went to go and do a work visit in the sector Espinar. Espinar is a mining town HIGH up in the Andes, but it is a WARD and there are many strong members who live there. The problem was that the missionaries who are serving there began to be very relaxed in their work... and we didnt know anything about it because we were pleased with the indicatores that they were giving us ( I learned that in life we always need to be vigilant even if the situation seems like it is OK) and everything seemed to be fine. We interviewed all of them and reviewed their planners... well everything was not fine and I called the assistants to give a report, happy we fixed the situation. 

The rest of the day I spent helping the elders get some good work done in their sector. We placed a baptismal date and got to know a lot of members. I am amazed everytime I go to work in another area to know that the principles of missionary work are constant... even if the situations change a little according to the situation. It is great to serve the missionaries, no matter where they are serving. 

On to my sector, I am working SO HARD with our investigators.... I am seeing many things that we can improve in our sector, pray for my investigators, especially Percy and Soledad, they are a couple that we plan to baptize this month of may. Wonderful people but there are a few challenges that they need to overcome. 

 I love you all! Enjoy the pictures! The letters I am trying to send home are backed up about 2 months because I dont trust the mail system in sicuani... sorry... just know that I love you all. 

No we didnt drive the moto

My shoes are dying, time to find someone who will replace the sole with AIRPLANE TIRE! 


various others...

P.S I got no information from you about the bank! IAM going to take out the money ANYWAY! because i am going to MACHU PICHU! 

Elder Neff

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IVv said...

Hi Elder!

My name is Ivonne, I'm Peruvian, I haven’t had the chance to meet you. But I just think it is so funny that you are there (in Peru) and I’m not in Peru but studying abroad (Canada). I was looking for the meaning of a word in Peruvian ancient language and your blog came up I don’t know why. But since one of my friends here in college is going to visit Peru very soon, I stayed and browsed a little your blog to learn about your experience, you seem to be having a good time there in Peru. I’m glad!