Tuesday, April 23, 2013

MACHU PICCHU! 4.20.13 (and Happy 20th Birthday to Sam TODAY!)

WOW! It has been an amazing week. I truly am grateful for the cool opportunities that I get to have here in the mission... especially because this week I went to MACHU PICCHU! do you know what that means in Quechua? It means old mountain.. and yes it is super supa OLD!  Probably the coolest experience of my life to date, meaning, it is talked up a lot and there is no bull in just how cool it is, I hope the pictures do it some justice.
Right now I am sitting in the mission office. These last two days have been a very good amount of traveling and fun. Today we have changes and I think that after that I am just ready to get back to work. 

The answer is NO I do not have a change, my companion doesn´t either so I will be chilling in Sicuani at least until june, and possibly july. Up until now I have loved every minute of my time in Sicuani so I would be very pleased if they let me serve they for a few more changes. The time passes just too quickly and every moment in your sector is precious. Up until now we have three couples that are progressing very well. (I think that I sent you a photo of one of them and their extended family who are members... we are outside one of the chapels in Sicuani) they are named Percy and Soledad. The only challenge that we have with them is getting them prepared for a marriage date and then they will be ready for baptism. I am super, SUPER excited. I have not had the chance to marry a couple and have them baptized yet in my mission... it really is a special feeling when you prepare a family to receive the gospel. Even their three year old son is excited! He always asks us at the end of our lessons. "elderes, oracion?" and there is a funny story that comes with this. We were sitting with the family in sacrament mtg, and a sister was going up to the pulpit to give the benediction. The son of the family was all ready with his arms crossed for the prayer, when all of the sudden his cousin ( who is the son of their member extended family) yelled from the front of the chapel, "Saith (name of the kid) veng!" There was a moment when I looked at the little kid and he looked at me... I totally mouthed "NO" (there are some parenting problems here sometimes I feel like the parent haha) and he smiled... and then got up and started running wild through the chapel during the whole prayer.... and it was like a 5 minute prayer given by a panai.... oh my goodness que verguenza... But my investigators seemed to feel fine about it... haha so it turned out ok. 

What can I say about machu picchu? Check out the pics... they are beautiful i think I took about 70 and a bunch of videos.

 Thank you so much! I have to end but I am super happy, yes all of the packages came. When you get a medical bill about my eyes. dont have a super freak out. There is a very good opthamologist here in cusco... he helped me out because the pressure was a little high in my eye. I have medication its all good. Love you! (sorry the internet is super slow in the office.... I will send my card with all of the photos)


Eroca Gabriel said...

Hey, I am looking for an opthmologist in Cusco. Got pressure in my eyes. What is the name of the doc you saw? Any chance you have a contact, number, email, address?

Paige Brunt said...

I'm sorry, we don't have any contact for the ophthalmologist. Good luck though!