Monday, March 25, 2013

Sicuani 3/25/13

Wow, I haven´t left myself enough time to write yet again.... and I keep telling the Elders and Sisters of my zone that they cant have more than a half an hour to write... because those are just the rules. Mommy, if you want to tell people the situation that is specific to the mission peru cusco feel free! But it is very true, I wont be able to send them personal emails only one email i can send every week.... lo siento....

There are tooooooooo many things to say about this week that has passed.... I am just going to move from experience to experience. ENJOY!

I did my first set of work visits this week. They were da BOMB! Firstly i went to Pitumarca, a puelbo that is about 1 and a half hours from sicuani. It was one of the coolest experiences of my mission. I think I have a good time left as zone leader... but when my time comes I am going to say to president "I want to go down and SEND ME TO PITUMARCA!" It is an incredible wayki wonderland where everyone speaks quechua and we teach ALL of the lessons in quechua (with the help of the members) I honestly felt like I was back to the first days of my mission in the MTC... Sitting there listening with my mouth wide open... and understanding very little. But it was still a blast!

What can I say... I never leave myself enough time. THAT DOESN´T MEAN DONT WRITE ME! SORRY it is mostly because i have to pass key indicatores and write to president, I will try to be more prudent with my time.

Lastly we had amazing experiences with our investigators. More than anything i want to tell you about Joel, who is going to be baptized this saturday. I have never met someone who is more willing to accept the gospel. I will tell you more of his story next week, but just know that I have found an eternal friend... meaning i probably wont see him after i leave sicuani but fo sho en the reino celestial.

You know when missionries say that they want to serve forevor? I am starting to understand exactly what they mean. :)

no coat yet... coming soon supongo

never to cusco on p day, internet in sicuani

they send it on a bus

note for fam: i am going to start to take out some money... because i am going to machu pichu april 22... I know what a b day prez. Need a new retainer. Love you all is well BYE!

funny elders playing peruvian instruments.


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