Monday, April 29, 2013

SICUANI 4.29.13

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Well the changes came and went. We have a sector in the zone called Espinar, I´m sure that I have told you about it once already. It is about 2 hours away from Sicuani in car and much of the road is a dirt trail. It is a super cool sector, and it is a WARD with a chapel and about 80-100 asist every sunday, that gives you an idea of how strong the members are... but the missioneries tend to become a little relaxed working in this sector. We had to help them get their focus back about two weeks ago and then gave our informe to President and the Asistants. I thought that as we fixed the problem, the missioneries could have another chance... Unfortunately they got sent far away to another zone. Later I realized that it was 100 percent inspired as the missioneries had done NOTHING to fix the problem practically with the week that we gave them to better everything before the changes. I don´t think I have ever been really mad in the mission but I almost blew a top with that one. If the missioneries don´t decide to change when they are given a second chance how can they expect to teach people about the atonement. Sometimes missionaries think that the mission rules dont mean anything in the long run but they really do reflect what we think about the savior and his atonement, and how important it is to learn the principle of obedience. (RM´s please don´t call me a ruler ;)

not to much more to say. We had a conference with president this week... This man has influenced my life so much in just the short time that he has been my mission president... june 30th enters President Harvardson.

Love you all, more pics of Machu Picchu!

Elder Neff


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