Monday, January 28, 2013

Izcuchaca 1.28.13

Dad: Me encanta leer un poco en español cada semana. Ójala que yo mejore cada semana por hablar y escribir en español. Me hace felice a saber que nuevamente tienen agua caliente suficiente para toda la familia... la situacion de agua en izcuchaca tambien a mejorada bastante! basicamente tenemos agua cada mañana... bendiciones del Señor.

Mom: HAHA the insta made me laugh so hard! I love little things like that keep em coming. Letters from friends are great.
Paige: praying always... wish you the best of luck! Take care of yourself and am praying that all goes well with the baby.
Family! Hope you are all very excited and anticipating some more news from CUSCO PERU!!!
I am learning so much here in the mission. Honestly I have passed through so many difficult times and learned how the Lord gives us our trials to bless us and prepare us for even more difficult barriers that we have to overcome in our lives. Everything is a process but i am grateful every day for the opportunity to serve the Lord, and experience the grand change of heart that comes from knowing and living the gospel, and the opportunity to see that same change take affect in the lives of others.
My child and I are working super hard. Speaking honestly, I was super happy to get the chance to train because there were many things that i wanted to put into practice as a missionary that I just couldnt do before because... well, I couldnt convince my other companions that they were important! haha, what I really wanted to do was to try the Lord and do everything in my power to serve him in his way. The promises are real, and becuase this is his work I know that we must do it in his way if we have any desire to be successful.
We have had so many miracles the past week. When I started this change with Elder Gomez, (by the way my child elder Gomez is from CHILE! as i mentioned in the email two weeks ago...i think. He is da bomb! He knows a little bit of english and it has been so fun to teach him. He loves to bother me, and one of the ways he does it has been through a phrase " shut your mouth you little worm" and yes he defintely learned that all by himself.) I knew that what izcuchaca really needed was families in the church...I feel terrible tosay this, because i would love to tell you the stories of how we have found all of them, but suffice it to say we are teaching 3! And I know that they can accept the gospel and become faithful members of the church.
I love you all sooooooo much. Cuidense muchisimo, sorry there isnt more time, but i am determined to be obedient and hope you all understand :)

Elder Neff


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