Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Izcuchaca 1-14-13

WOW! that is a lot of snow. Happy to inform you all that here it is a little more tranquilo... except for torrential rain that we are having about two times a week. Sweet for the news about the glasses, cant wait to stop using the classy clip ons (even though, yes they are pretty classy!) Hope you are all doing super well and a kiss and a hug from me.

Edna got your dear elder,  a letter is coming, just know that i love you a lot and that things aren´t all cream and peaches here either, although the Lord is blessing me soooooo much and i know that he can do the same for you. Perhaps he wont take away all the problems... but he will help you through them, and if you do your best to follow his example all things will work together for you good... and, yes, you can even be happy in the hardest of times. LOVE YOU!

Mom shoot me a longer email next week :) love to hear your voice.
SO many good things have happened this week.... cant believe all the changes and how it has affected my view of missionary work and the blessing that we can recieve as servants of the Lord. Excited to tell you all about it!

P-day last week wasnt really p-day... because the whole day we were taking care of the new kids as trainers. WOOOT! I am training... cant even believe it. We showed up at the office tuesday in the morning to have a little training session, and then we went off to the airport to pick up the new missionaries. I sat shotgun in presidents car as he drove, and en camino he clasped me on the shoulder and said " Elder Neff! El capacitador!" haha all i could say was " sí presidente, estoy emocionado!" I never thought that this day was coming so quickly.

We waited for the new missionaries in the airport for about an hour. I got to talk to my good friend Elder Fuller assistant to the President, and he gave me some good advice about training and how to enjoy the experience to the maximo.
Well they all got off the airplane a little startled and zoned out... but it was super exciting to see ELDER GOASLAND ( i know that i spelled that wrong really sorry about it.) I hope it was good for him to see a familiar face, I remember getting off the airplane and thinking "oh no where in the world am I?" Haha hopefully that eased his fears a little.

Well the change meeting came that night... and i had no idea who was going to be my kid! (Who I was going to train) I was anticipating the moment soo much and when president said Elder Neff as district leader (ya another surprise) will train Elder Gomez in Izcuchaca! Elder Gomez has turned out to be one of the best people I have ever met. I honestly could not be happier. not only that, he has soo many desires to serve and do it well, we are going to have a lot of success here in Izcuchaca in these next two changes.
One thing I learned from a little conversation I had with President, was that there really are people who are ready to recieve the gospel. The only requirement we have is to find them, teach by the spirit, and invite them to be baptized. We have taken that promise... well as a promise for real in our companionship. We know the Lord is preparing people in izcuchaca... solo hay que encontrarlas.

I love you all! Cuidense mucho!

Elder Neff



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