Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Izcuchaca 1.21.13

Mommy: Thank you for the long letter! I really enjoy them, honestly keep them coming and i promise i will do my very best to send you all good and long letters to compensate! Love the pic, love the news about the family.  You also keep encouraging me to spend my money... and i will if i need to but i am still doing just fine.
Tell Dad to write me.
This week was super interesting... a little difficult, but I am grateful for one thing in particular and that is that the lord is allowing me to recognize more fully the miracles that pass every day here in the mission, how to search for them and enjoy the knowledge that our Father in Heaven is ALWAYS watching over us.

This week started off in a really interesting way, we went off and did service one day for one of the investigators in the other companionship in my district... as you can see i have attached a picture that more or less explains what the service entailed as it was raining cats and dogs and i couldnt take any photos. Please refer to the picture diagram for more info as i explain. We went off into the fields of ANTA on a little moto... which is basically a superpowered motorcycle with a truck bed attached to the back. We stoped on a back road in the middle of the valley and started walking to through corn fields to get to the big campo of grass that we were going to cut to feed the cows of this investigator. Well, at first it was super fun! We got to know the investigator, he is a way cool guy, and he taught us how to cut grass Incan style! With a little scythe tool... which i broke 3 times with my gringo strength but thats another story. Well it started to rain about halfway through the service activity, and honestly we didnt think much of it because we had our ponchos and doing service is a blast!.... But then, Valentine (the investigator) told us that we were going to carry the grass back to the moto on the road. Well that doesnt sound too bad.... he told us the grass was going to weigh about 40 kilos... which, ya is a lot but when i had seen a bunch of old waykies doing it in my time in izcuchaca so i figured it wouldnt be too much of a problem. Well he rolled up the grass into piles, tied it up, and then helped us put them on our backs..... Honestly... the second i had the wieght on my i though to myslef... " oh there is no way in the world i am going to carry this back to the moto i think it weighs more than ME!!!" Well im sure it did becuase it was 40 kilos of grass... saturated with POURING rain. Needless to say i carried two loads more than half a mile (at least) through the swamp to the moto waiting on the road....I have never worked harder in my entire life and i never will... Honestly nothing can compare. I have so much respect for these old Peruvian men who carry things like that like its nothing! Oh and as you can see i found myself a snickers.... i think i deserved it!

The rest of the photos are vistas of Anta (the whole area around izcuchaca) IT really is pretty huh? oh and one of Gomez when he wasnt ready for the pic :) I love my child!!!! He is from Chile and one of the humblest people I have ever met. He loves to do magic tricks for the children and members, and honestly, it really is a great finding tool! (Uncle mike took that advice from you!) We are working soooooo
hard, i have so many hopes for izcuchaca... It is amazing how your mind can focus in on the work when you have a goal. I know that the Lord rewards us according to our labors and we are going to do everything possible to make izcuchaca a better place before we leave, bringing as many families as possible to know the truth of the gospel!

Sorry... there is only 1/2 hour allowed to write in this mission... sometimes it seems unfair becuase all of my other friends can write SOOO much, but solo sepan que les quiero muchisimo... y espero que tengan una buena semana.

Hasta lunes

Elder Neff

actually i only went afew pics because the computer is bad... sorry :(
actualy only one this is making me mad!

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