Monday, February 4, 2013

Izcuchaca 2.4.13

YES! you got my package! Soooo happy about that. happy that you got the chance to see ALL of the pictures and por fin some of the videos.... Just to let you all know, was trying to capture a baby pig for my first 3 changes and when i finally did it i was so proud of myself :)

Paige! So great to hear that you passed your boards. NCLEX or whatever, now i am going to pray that all goes well with the birth of my new neice! Cant wait. Hope you and jenna liked your gifts as well.

Such an interesting week Elder Gomez and I had. Cant wait to tell you all about it.

I started out this change with a lot of hopes for the families that we are teaching. Honestly I have never prayed so much in my entire life, or felt such a strong need to excercise my faith. I remember entering my room the night after the change mtg, helping Elder Gomez unpack, and then getting into my bed..... My thoughts went back to my first day in the mission field (Ironically I am sleeping in the same bed where I started and was trained) I remember that I thought, "How in the world am I going to do this?" Haha and my thoughts after I was assigned as trainer and district leader were, again, "How am I going to do this?" I´m happy to say that the Lord answers our earnest prayers. I learned an amazing lesson this week, and this is a thought that perhaps I have shared a few times, but I have realized in my service as a missionary that we ask things from people that are near impossible for them to do. The steps of faith that are required for the people to take to change their lives and live according to the gospel standards are an amazing change... and when I say amazing i mean BIG! HUGE! The world is in a serious dump right now. You could say that the country of Peru is a country of mostly christian people... but it really isnt so. They do not live Christian values, they do not obey the commandments, and saint worship is almost worse than any other type of idle worship because it destorts the true nature of Christ and his relationship with us... When people think of Jesus Christ here in Perú, they always refer to him as suffering and dying on the cross. His loving nature and character is overlooked and only his dying and suffering are emphasized. I have talked to many people who think that Jesus Christ is dead, and never resurrected.

Sorry I dont mean to rant but you can imagine the work that is required to change the "false traditions of their fathers" of the people here in Peru. I love reading the respective stories of Ammon and Aaron in the book of Alma... read them when you get the chance! I have tried very hard to follow their example and their way of teaching to help overcome similar problems among the lamanites here in the latter days.

Story about trials of faith. We took a BOMBIN´! family to a baptismal service this week. Everything went super well and they felt the spirit... I just knew they did. We passed by yesterday to invite them to church... They told us that they wouldnt be able to attend because while they were at the baptismal service someone stole two tables from their store............................................................ I honestly did not see that one coming. They dont blame us obviously, but it is difficult to keep people excited about the gospel when difficult things happen like that.

Well I am out of time, and i wanted to explain more... but suffice it to say I know one thing. Nephi built a ship. He was never trained before to do a thing like that, but the Lord saw it fit... to teach him and give him the power to do it so that his great purposes could come to pass. I know the lord can "teach me" to be a good missionary, and not only that but to be the person that I absolutely need to be to complete my mission in this life. His "teaching" more than anything comes through the trial of faith... I have learned to be so greatful for that trial during this last change.

No time left, here is an explication of the pics.

not in any particular order.

Pics in the plaza de armas in Cusco.

Cristo Blanco with those NUEVOS MISIONEROS!

other cool pics hope you enjoy

Mom i just got your letter... if you want me to get something for sure send it to me before 10 oclock my time here.


Elder Neff
(note from Ami....I think Sam sent the pic of his eye because we were wondering how he was doing with it.  We sent him a good pair of sunglasses and also a new pair of glasses with transition lenses to hopefully help with his light sensitivity and also to help protect from the increased light that will cause some damage.  All in all, I think it looks really good!)


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