Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Quillabamba 6.23.14

Family! I am going to be writting on a Word document as I wait for the internet to get working… we just got a fiber-optic feed here in Quillabamba about a month ago and the internet changed from super slow to lighting fast! But, it seems like right now there is some trouble with the line and we are reverting to the old, satellite internet…. Let me tell you it´s slower than a tortuga…..

                I am learing a lot to say the least with my last companion…. It has been an odd experience knowing that both of us end at the very same time! I feel a little apprehensive about the people we are teaching knowing that, we are going to have to hand them off to another companionship at the end of July… but we are keeping good records and doing our best to be good teachers.  This Sunday we had a great experience with a less active member that we are trying to reactivate. We picked him up for church and he came out 100% ready with his white shirt ( I have plans to give him a tie). This is the fourth time he has came to church and it seems to me that he is beginning to have a real conversion. He also took up the courage to have an interview with the branch president and that was a huge step! We checked up on him after church and he just looked happy…. It has been a really big change since we found him back in April. It is really gratifying to see those changes in people.  Anthony Medina, our investigator who is going to be baptizedon July 5th is doing great. He´s 17 going on 18 and talks a lot about how he wants to go on a mission.  I really admire that. His brother in law is a member but works very far away in a mine in Puno… the take him to far away places because he knows how to blow things up from his experience in the army. Pretty cool right? I wish there were more things to blow up closer to Quillabamba so he could come to church but, oh well. Hopefully this job will end up being temporary rather than permanent! He only comes once every 2 months, but even so has been a wonderful influence on Anthony and the principal reason that he is investigating the church. The Lord prepares people in so many ways!

                Last experience that just made me WAY happy this week. We have been working with a few recent converts that are in the age to go on a mission… but haven´t quite worked up the courage to go and talk to the branch president yet. One of them is Fidel. Fidel is a great guy. Only member in his family. He works in a bakery delivering bread every morning to the different stores in Quillabamba. He´s a little guy and really quite shy, but he has a great testimony and wants to do what is right…. I think he just needed a little push to begin his mission papers. Anyway, as church was ending, I saw that he was standing outside the branch presidents office… timidly waiting to speak with him. Then, I suppose giving up on his intent, he started to make a move towards the exit of chapel. I thought to myself, uh uh, your talking to president today! I went and grabbed him and led him to president´s office. Not thinking much of it, we continued proselyting that day. At about 6 we passed by the chapel and saw that the lights were on. We went inside to investigate and saw that 2 young adults from the branch were working on their mission papers! Fidel being one of them. I was soooooo happy! If anyone has the chance to go on the mission, and decides not to, they are making the biggest mistake of their life! It has meant, so much to me.


Well… there you have it, another week in Quillabamba. It is getting hotter…. And dryer. But I am trying to enjoy every minute of it. Edna…. Buy good shoes. Read your scrips every day! Paigey… I am praying for you, john and hazel every day. Dad…. Spanish commentary on world cup games IS HILARIOUS!!!!! I hear it constantly in any given part of town during the day. Mommy, Its OK that you are helping Eden and couldn´t write. We´ll chat next week. Ben and Andy…. Keep going to scout camp because it preps you for fleas, diarrhea, and nasty weather in the mission!

Love you all very much,

Elder Neff

Panoramic on our roof!
how would you like these fellas as your roomates? (giant red killer wasps....) yes that is someones house and their roof beam! 
Bye, bye elder Murillo.
With the whole district and the pension

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