Monday, June 16, 2014

Quillabamba 6.16.14

Ok, ok... I am getting the picture. I´ll try to send you more normal things instead of just the spiritual. 

To start off, the world cup is getting to us. EVERYONE and their dog watches the world cup here in south america... so it is impossible to avoid having a few lessons fall through. On Saturday we had a pretty funny experience. We went to go and visit Niels to talk about his baptismal date (which was moved to a different week :( it´s ok he´s working on it.) when we walk into the house him and the member that he lives with were all sitting there on the couch watching the latest game. The invited us to come in and sit down. I tried to get Niels attention, " hey hermano Niels, how are you doing?".... silence. "Hey hermano Niels how are you doing?"... more silence. Eyes still glued to the TV, The third time was the charm but I could honestly not get his attention enough to even do a little bit of follow up on how he was doing haha... and when I turned to see if Elder Murillo was talking to the Member who is fellowshiping Niels, his eyes were glued to the TV too! Mezmerized. I can´t blame them though. The World Cup is the greatest I watched it all four years ago! We also were talking to a less-active member and set an appointment for last wedensday. He called that morning to cancel, and when we asked him for another day when we could have the appointment he said.... " Ya know.... why don´t you call me in about a month.... I already canceled all of my work appointments because they all conflicted with the World Cup!" Like, it was a joke but... not really haha. Ecuador also lost a game this week... Elder Murillo worked with a broken heart that day for real! Soccer runs in the blood of south americans. 

We had a really neat experience with a lady who is not a member but her daughter is. We went to visit her this last week with our ward mission leader. I love something that we learned in our companionship study this week that we are applying in a much better way to every teaching situation. Our purpose as missionaries is to invite others to come unto Christ. We do that best by helping them to have faith and to repent.... and really they accomplish those to things by making the firm decision to be baptized and receive the holy ghost. That principle has been so important for us this week. After studying that, I felt like I had even more confidence to invite others to take that first step to be baptized and really show their faith... There is a moment in "the district 2" a video that outlines the basics of missionary work, where an investigator says "hmm..... baptism, the b-word! " But baptism should never be taboo in missionary work. It is the center of all that we do. 

Elder Murillo has a change :( It has been great being with him but president feels that I ought to be placed with another missionary and fulfill a different assignment. 

Well that´s it for today! I love you all.... Have a great week! 

Elder Neff

Murillo and Me! 
Elder Murillo in Ajuajuyoc.... pronounce it! 
Elder Murillo as Santa Clause.

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