Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I love thinking about what I am going to share with all of you every week! The honest truth is... I have a hard time picking from all of the exciting experiences that we have, I often look through my journal and think to myself... what do I write about this week? And then I get to excited and I can hardly express myselft in my letters home haha, just know that I am trying as hard as I can! 

Thank you Dad for that last bit of advice that you gave me in your last letter. I hope to accomplish many things before it all ends. I am enjoying the chance to work hard every day with Elder Murillo. Like I have always said, I am grateful that it isn`t easy. That has been such a good thing for me to realize. If it weren`t so tough, it wouldn`t mean so much to me. 

This week we had good things happen... and some not so good things as well haha. Let`s start with the bad news. 

We had a lesson with Cristina y oswaldo this friday. We taught from "The family a proclamation to the World" with the idea that, we would also explain to them the law of chastity when speaking about marriage between a man and a woman being essential to God`s eternal plan. After explaining all of that, they both seemed to be in agreement... although many times we find that to see if the people here understand, you have to ask some more specific questions. We did so, and then invited the both of them to set a specific marriage date... we explained to them that we had prayed and thought that the 30th of may would be an excellent day, in preparation for a baptismal date the 31st. Oswaldo then looked at us and simply said. Hmmm.... you know, getting married really isn`t in my plans right now. His wife Cristina then looked at him with a stare that could kill. I was startled... it really isn`t easy to invite someone to excercise their faith in such a way, but we felt impressed to do it. It was a very disappointing lesson, but the hope is that, praying they will receive an answer and know that they must set a specific date for marriage and baptism. 

On the bright side, we are making progress with the less active members, and there are a few no-members in their families. We will let you know about their progress next week. 

Love you family! I look forward to our last phone call this sunday! 

Elder Neff

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