Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Quillabamba 4.27.14

Wow, we had an amazing week here in Quillabamba! 
First off, president and the assistants came and paid us a visit. We had a great zone conference and, to be completely honest, it was nice to sit back and just learn for the first time in over a year! I absolutely loved it. President spoke to us about the talk given by Elder Nelson in the October conference of 2012 (ask the missionaries they can help you). He talked about our ability to bless the lives of practically anyone because of our calling as missionaries. We commited ourselves to go around with pamphlets of "My Family" and use it as a way to contact and find new investigators. THAT is something that I want to try... it is kinda difficult here because records were iffy way back when but, oh well we`ll give it our best shot! 
We are visiting a lot of wonderful people. Did I tell you about Carlos? (no not Carlos from Cusco, although he does get baptized on the 6th of may! SO EXCITED!) No Carlos from Quillabamba is a less-active returned missionary that we found looking for other less active members that he lives with. They were a little less-interested so we decided that we would start with him. He has progressed so much! He has the strongest desire to return to church... Satan is just a clever fella and knows EXACTLY how to get people. Addictions are a big problem.... don`t let yourself fall into any type of addiction. 
Anyway, we are teaching him many times during the week and every time we teach him we feel the spirit so strongly. The Lord loves his wayward children and wants them to return to his gospel and his church! 
I attached a load of photos. Yes that is QUILLABAMBA! linda Quillabambita de mi corazon.... for real I love this place it is SO BEAUTIFUL! The people are wonderful, we are really enjoying our time here. 
Last comment, Edna I am so proud of you. My companion is from Ecuador and he is by BROWN BROTHA! I honestly love him to death. There is a lot of work to do in Quito Ecuador. Maybe not as a coincidence, he has a less-active sister who lives in Quito with her pareja.... IDK how to say it in English, person that she lives with but isn`t married to. I will give you the reference so that you can take it to Ecuador and take it as your first service in the country of your mission! 
Love you all! Have a wonderful week
Elder Neff

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