Tuesday, June 25, 2013

SICUANI 6.24.13

WOW!  All I want to do is talk about the broadcast that we were able to see last night.  How incredible.  I think the greatest message that I was able to get from the broadcast is that we are all missionaries for our entire lives, and that the work the full time missionaries do is something amazing, but that it is severely hindered if we as members don’t do our part preaching the gospel to our friends and neighbors.

I commented to president in my weekly letter that I have been feeling this change come for a long time.  I think the Lord goes preparing us for those changes before we realize that something is about to change!  I had these thoughts all the way back in Izcuchaca when we contacted everyday with very little success…. I am dreaming of the day when, as I believe Elder Nelson said it “The day comes when in one week the missionaries can teach a great number of people and not have to knock on one single door”

And that isn’t because as missionaries we want to be lazy!  We want to be effective, and the effective way is through loving members who decide to give the opportunity to their neighbors to listen to the restored gospel.  I thought a lot about the great opportunity it is to help the members participate in the work of salvacion as well… Think about this for a moment.  We all have received the commandment to be missionaries, perhaps not full-time but in one way or another to participate in the work of salvacion.  I have decided that I don’t want to spend another minute of my time here in the mission working just for myself when I could be blessing the lives of two people at once, a member, and an investigator.  When the members participate in missionary work they are able to work out their own salvacion while helping another find theirs as well.  

I have never found myself in a situacion so challending, but at the same time so rewarding.  Sometime I find myself in very difficult circumstances (well, mostly I find others in very difficult circumstances and it is hard to help them get out!)  but the Lord has always been there to support me in a difficult decision or situacion.  I know that he will do the same for all of you as you do your very best to invite others to come unto Christ.  

I think that the biggest change in my thinking has been, “ok I can accept that I won’t be a full-time missionary forever…. And that is OK”  (Even though it is hard to realize that this time will come to an end)  BUT I cannot ever stop being a missionary, because the change has been too deep and too profound that now the great duty and blessing we have to share the gospel.

I have a request… when you send the next package…. I gave away my sweaters and I am only using my coat…. What I would like is perhaps another sweater?  Pls?  Many missionaries here use cardigans and it is approved.  I would like one because sometimes you go out in the morning to proselyte when it is cold and you need a sweater… but when the sun is out blazing at mid day, the only thing that you really need to do is take off your coat, or even open it up so that its not too hot… I would love that thanks ;)

Love you all!

Elder Neff

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