Monday, March 11, 2013

SICUANI 3.11.13

Haha Well I feel bad, I haven´t left myself nearly enough time to write today, I wrote president a long letter about the zone and other things that are concerning me so it took a little while. This week has honestly been one of the greatest weeks of all my mission. I learned some amazing lessons from the guidance of the holy ghost and my mission president. We had president interviews this week, zone conference, and then stake conference... to all of which president Calderon and his wife were present. I just love it when i get the chance to interact with president, i always learn something special when he gives us a capacitacion or when he gives a talk. Especially interesting for me this week was the interview that I had with president. My first interview with President lasted about 2 minutes while I was being trained. I remember that we basically talked about the the pension (because i felt sick a lot back then) Haha. And it ended quickly! I was surprised and disappointed, I am used to having long interviews with my leaders, I love the oPportunity I have to speak with them. Well, this time i was DETERMINED to have a great interview with President, and now I am one of his Zone Leaders so I was sure he had lots of advice to give me. I hit him with a bunch of questions and we had a great time talking. He gave me some amazing and specific advice. Later we had the zone conference and it was so great. We focused on the "key indicators" and how to apply them to the doctrine of Christ. If it has been awhile since you read the 31st chapter of second nephi, you should read it soon. I am amazed at how with a little bit of teaching we can realize that the doctrine of Christ is the underlying reason for missonary work, people need to recieve the ordinances of salvation more that anything, and that we need to give them the opportunity to give fruit! If you know the parable of the wheat and the tares, you know that a tare is almost identical to wheat... only that its grain doesn´t have any value o sea, it doesn´t give fruit. We need to give the investigators the opportunity to give fruit, to become a grain of wheat. I have been able to learn this lesson from experience here in the mission. We give the investigators the chance to hear the gospel and have a testimony of the spirit... sometimes they accept and sometimes they dont. There is where it is determined of they give fruit or not. I learned a lot about obedience this week. I am an obedient missionary, but i still have many things to improve. MANY things. This week... there wasnt a particular phrase or saying that hit me hard to teach me this lesson.... the spirit taught me the lesson. President was speaking about obedience and he told us about his experience with the law of tithing. He said, " I need to be obedient in the exact moment that the lord requires it of me." The spirit taught me the importance of obedience in that phrase... I cant exactly explain it, but I know that all the happiness i will experience in my life with come through obedience to the laws and ordinances of the gospel.... How can i say it? I just feel it so strongly in my heart that I cannot deny it. Mommy.... Interesting thing happened concering the doctor. To recieve medical attention here in Peru, you need to have a carnet ( un licencia para extranjeros) There was a missionary that didnt have one yet so we lied and said that he was me :) He had giardia. hehe Thankyou for supporting the missionery program and paying for the medical expenses of Elder Green. I am sure that he will be ever grateful. I personally, am super greatful that I didnt have giardia.... because that is the dumps. And i have already had enough diareah to las a lifetime ;) Les quiero. Que les vaya bien en todas las cosas Elder Neff

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