Monday, February 18, 2013


JENNNA GRACIE!!!!!! Wow what luck is this? I actually get the chance to email you ON YOUR BIRTHDAY!!! This is a special treat for sure because i only email once a week... how lucky are we?
GOT THE PACKAGE! Havent even opened it yet but i am going to do it right now so i can let ya know what i think............ espere un rato.... WOW THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!! sorry it just changed to italics and i dont know how to fix it. I uploaded a picture so you could all see my joy from the package thank you :)

I have just some crazy great and sad news.... but excited to tell you all about it.

We ended this change without a baptism. That was pretty dang hard for me, especially because i was trainging elder gomez and i wanted him to have the experience. A few days ago i was sitting in my room, (I dont know if you saw the news but i had to stay in my room for two days because their was a false report of a terrorist uprising in Cusco.) So i had a good amount of time to do some contemplating. I literally spent a lot of time pondering the question... Did i do a good job here? Have i really done all that i can? And besides these questions i had to sit in my room and couldnt do any work... that made it even harder.
I remember reading about patience (Cap. 6 de preach my gospel) And that as I read... the greatest feeling of warmth washed over me. The thought came to my mind that, perhaps everything that i wanted didnt happen, but everthing that the Lord wanted me to do, I did in Izcuchaca. It is true that he blesses us immensly sometimes just with His Spirit... and even though the times have been difficult, this small impression of the Spirit meant the world to me. I am so happy that the Lord is pleased with my work!
Some GREAT NEWS!!!! my companion was waiting for a very exciting thing to happen in his family life back home in Chile. His parents are faithful participants of the church. Participants is a weird word i know but they arent members yet because they cant get married until his dads divorce goes through from an earlier marriage. Well, this saturday THEY GOT MARRIED!!!!! I read the letter from my companions Dad and it was the sweetest thing I have ever read. They are a HUGE part of the branch where they live even though they are not members yet. Such a big part that the whole stake presidency went to their marriage and an area 70. What an incredible blessing! I am soooooo happy for elder gomez. Se bauticen este sabado.
Well.... i did tell you there would be some sad news.... well it is sad and good. The zone leaders called me last night to give us the transfers... and i have a transfer! Cant believe it... and i feel bad because, as we say in the mission, I had to abort (sorry that sounds really harsh maybe you shouldnt put that one on the blog) my child elder gomez... I was asking why all last night and this morning! Well I got my answer in the change mtg. Can you guess? I have been call to be one of the zone leaders in the Sicuani zone!!!!! I think i about died. My Zone leader told me that i am the youngest missionary in the mission to have been called as a zone leader... a penas de 6 meses.
PRAY!!!!!!! DO LOTS OF PRAYING FOR ME!!!!!!!! But one thing i do know is that the Lord qualifies us for the call. I love the mission I love Perú and i love all of you!
Hold to the Iron rod.

Elder Neff
(Ami notes:  The Sriracha and new glasses were in the package.  It's a good thing since the first picture shows that his old glasses were covered with paint....I think from when the Elders painted the church.  These new glasses have transition lenses so that should help his eye with the light sensitivity.  He sounds happy!)

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