Monday, February 11, 2013

Izcuchaca 2.11.13

Mommy! I am going to the office today, we will see if they have a package waiting for me, not sure.... but im hoping! I currently am not walking with my coat so im not sure what size it is. I will let you know nxt week, in the meantime dont worry about it. And remember that the peat part is fine, i am only missing the outer shell. 

Love hearing from home, about Matt and shannons crazy kids, keep up the great work! 

This week has been pretty interesting..... Wow I always start off así, what do you want to here? How should i model my weekly letters home? Get some info from everyone so that i can have a better idea of what will be more valuable to write. 

We worked hard this week, there cant be any doubt about that. And besides this I also tried to make our work a lot more organized. I began to communicate with all the members and investigators about every day by phone. The people here aren´t very comitted people... If we want to have any form of success or a set plan with them i feel like i have to be reminding them every day of the things we have planned. I feel bad about my old life! I am starting to realize now just how difficult it is to set an appointment and then to have someone tell you just as you stop by to pick them up that they arent going to be able to make it. We had an experience like that this week i want to tell you all about it. 

We are teaching a family of three people. Their names are Sorayda, Jose, and Edwin. They were a reference of a member and from the get go I was super excited about the family. We only had the chance to teach the mother at first, but with time, some acts of service and other things we have had the chance to speak with everyone. This Wedenseday we taught the message of the restoration and then challenged them for baptism. We are challenging just about every single person that we meet and really it has helped me to grow in faith, it is difficult to invite someone to be baptized, but if we really love them we desire their happiness and want them to grow and progress during their mortal probation, we know that the moment they decide to be baptized will be the most important moment of their lives. Well we challenged the family! Of course at first, they said no. :) In the mission we have developed a way to almost make themselves comitt to be baptized without realizing it... And this may seem a like taking away their agency.... but just read the story of Ammon teaching the Lamanite king in the book of mormon and you will now what I mean. so in the end they accept, on the condition that they recieve and answer. This is where I begin to question a little bit, or.... I shouldnt say question, because i know that what my leaders say, and what the lord says more than anything, is true. If we follow the inspired council we will be so blessed, and even if it takes time for the blessings to come, they will come and we can trust that our heavenly father is very very mindful of us. 

Well, i tell you all of this to give you a little bit of background information. We had a lesson with this family saturday night. We stopped by their house to pick them up, and we only found the wife at home... she told us that she wasnt going to be able to make it to the appointment and that her husband had traveled that day. This is AFTER we had called them repeatedly, and passed by their house the very same day to remind them of the appointment and to do their comittments. Aparte de eso, we were going to have the lesson in the house of a member and the wife had prepared food specifically for the lesson. 

Well, i wasnt angry, or anything like that. But it has been difficult. It is hard to do so much for someone and then have them think that it has little or no value for them. Mom, I know how you feel when we dont do what you ask right when you ask us... More than that, I know somewhat how the lord feels when we dont obey his commandments.... and we all have to do better at that. 

The challenge is exhilarating, I love to learn about the gospel through my personal study and experiences in the mission field. I have learned to be happy about the problems... at the end of everyday when i pray to the lord and account for the days work... it is great to have the good feeling of " you did a good job today". I am happy that the Lord loves me enough to tell me that. 

I love you! sorry there arent any pictures... I didnt take any this week 

Elder Neff

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