Monday, April 21, 2014

CUSCO 4.14.14

I'm glad you are all doing muy bien!
I´m doing great as well. 

Paige and John you finally know where you´re off too! I know that John is very, very happy. I only ask myself one question, when in the world am I going to see my niece!? I hope we can get everyone up to see me on the first week of august.... 

Eden good for you on the papes I AM TOO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!! 

Jenna you know I love you. 

Ben stop growing

We are doing really great here in Quillabamba. It was, quite honestly, a good week and a bad week. We had some great success with some poeple that we were searching for since the first day that we got here, and had little success with the people that we found who were doing great! I´m hoping that the Lord is prepping us for one day when EVERYTHING just falls into place. 

But until then we are just gonna keep pluggin´ along. 

My companion Elder Murillo from Guayaquil Ecuador is doing great. Fun facts 

1. We have the SAME BIRTHDAY! April 22 1993.... he said he was born in the moring as well, wasn´t I born in the morning too? We like to think that we were both in heaven and said " Bueno amigaso.... nos vemos en la misión!" 

2. His Father ALSO served a mission in Quito Ecuador (año 90) 

3. He is about 5 foot 5.... and I am about six foot 2..... 

We weren´t to similar on that last one. 

He is doing VERY WELL  though, Really progressing. He loves to teach and I am happy to say that we are having a lot of teaching opportunites. If we can´t find our investigators, there are always many less active members to teach. That seems to be one of our biggest struggles in this branch, retention. 

This week we had a few activities in the district. The most exciting one for me was a fireside for returned and potential missionaries. Many of the RM´s that were present had become less-active, which is a common trend here in Perú (at least in our mission) and I think that the district was hoping for their attendance more than anything. There was such a strong spirit! I feel so strongly that the Lord has a great love for those who have served him and wants them so badly to come back to full activity in the church. 

That is something that we will definitely work on. 

Elder Bengtzen is sitting here right by my side in this very moment! We live in the same house and it has been so great for the both of us. I am amazed at the man that he is. He is an example for me and for all of our district. Some of the patience that he has learned would have pushed many of us to our limits, but he has born it all with good cheer and a great love for his companions. In one of the activities that we had this week, he spoke about a few specific questions investigators and members had and did it extremely well. LATER he gave a talk in church when, on a whim the branch president asked him to give a talk in sacrament mtg. on the book of mormon. His parents should know that their son is an exemplary missionary and that I love the opportunity to be serving with him at this time. 

But.... what more would you expect from DISTRICT OLYMPUS anyway??!!! 

Elder Doxey and I are doing great here on our last stretch. In yet ANOTHER activity that we had this week (IDK what the district was thinking, we had many activities this week) Elder Doxey and I played and sang " he sent his son". He on the guitar and I was on the piano. It was a blast! Like the good old days in ensemble. Wish we had taken a video.... 

Well I love you all very much! Mommy, I´ll be thinking on that one. Not sure what to say to you yet. Remind me next week to respond. 

great photos that we took going to a waterfall. 

yes that is my comp

yes that is Elder Bengtzen

Yes those are bananas 

yes that is a 150 ft waterfall in the peruvian jungle

yes you are now, only a little jealous ;) 

So much love! 

Elder Neff

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