Friday, March 7, 2014

CUSCO 3.7.14

It has been a good week family! Here is the update you´ve been waiting for. 

Time continues to fly by here as we are traveling throughout the mission to finish up the interviews and review area books, planners etc. I love getting to know all of the missionaries and help them with whatever I can, it has been great to have this experience. 

My companion and I had a special moment with our investigator Carlos and his wife Tania the other day. We have been visiting them for about 2 months now and Carlos has made some incredible progress. He was a man who found himself in many problems, and sincerely the couple was almost convinced that they wouldn´t be able to save their relationship or marriage. Now, weeks later they have seen a new light enter into their lives and are realizing that the gospel has the potential to save their marriage, and give them the opportunity to be an eternal family. 

This tuesday Carlos accepted the baptismal invitation for the 15th of march, next week! We are so excitied for him. He has come a long way. It was neat to see his wife´s eyes light up with excitement when he said, " yes Elders, I think I would like to do that!" He is very prepared and we are sure that his is going to be able to follow through with his comittment. 

This week I was thinking a lot about the joy that Ammon and his bretheren felt as they preached the gospel to the lamanites. In reality, their joy came when they were able to see the fruits of their labors, but as the preached, they passed through a lot of affliction and difficulties. I am grateful to know that when we find our self at the point of giving in, the spirit can give us a new sense of hope and promise. That´s the trail of faith, and then we recieve the promise. 

Today we made a hike up to the DEVIL´S BALCONY! (calm down it´s not as dangerous as it sounds) haha I will try to send you a batch of photos. 

Love you all so much! I hope you know that you are all in my prayers.

Elder Neff

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