Thursday, November 28, 2013

CUSCO. 11.25.13


 Happy Birthday Bud! I can´t believe that you are 13 YEARS OLD!!! I am sure that the change has been not so drastic for the family because they have been living with you for the past year and a few months, but I haven´t so the change has been HUGE! You look like a little man now! You are now in your last year as a Deacon and I hope that you are loving your chance to pass the sacrament and collect fast offerings from all of the old people in the ward that have a difficult time making it to church. Keep on serving! You are such a loving kid that I know you do it well.

I saw your new bow and that was pretty great, I hope that you are an expert in archery when I get home.

( note: I feel really weird writing Ben this letter because I feel like when I left we still couldn´t have a normal semi-adult conversation but when I look at the photos I can´t believe how much he has grown!)

Well Ben I love you soooooooo much. Before I go to college we will have at least one month in the summer to do all the fun things we have ever wanted to do!

Can´t wait until you are a missionary and have the same experiences that I have had.

love you bro!

Elder Neff

p.s. Ben you have my full permission to take a razor and cut off ALL of Garrison´s hair.

And Gannons too it looks like it is on its way to get to that same extreme. ;)

Well Mom and Dad, I am way happy that I get to write you today. We were technically supposed to be going to Puno today to have a zone conference with the two zones there, but there is a "paro" or better said strike and they aren´t letting any cars pass through... so we are going to go later on this week.

Want to tell you all about a cool experience that we had this week.

We were able to meet again with our investigators Americo and Jovana. If you remember, they were a young couple that we have been teaching for some time now. They fell off the map a little, as our travel plans and Americo´s work travel made it almost impossible for us to meet with them.

Finally we met with them saturday evening were able to talk about how they have been for this time that we haven´t been able to meet with them. They were so happy to meet with us. and we were able to jump right back into the teaching norm with them in spite of the long break that we had had from regular visits. I had some wonderful feelings as we were teaching them and I feel very strongly that they will be able to be baptized... there conversion is pretty evident... but they still have a few things impeding them from being able to be baptized. The first goal is going to be to get them married. They understand the law of chastity, but it is many times difficult to help people to get married. It isn´t cheap and there is quite a culture of costly weddings with a lot of beer. We´re working on that one!

My new companion is Elder Romer from Paraguay (he is on your right in the photo that sister harbertson sent you) He is a wonderful missionary. He was my zone leader for three changes while I was in Izcuchaca, and so we have been friends for quite a long time.

Sad to see elder Castro go. But he is training in a sector in Valle Sagrado with a new gringito kid Elder Olsen.

Love you all so much

Elder Neff

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