Friday, November 15, 2013

Cusco 11.15.13

This day, has been, really tough. What I have to say is a little delicate, but I have learned so much from this experience. Yesterday afternoon my companion and I were leaving the pension after lunch when we get a desperate call from presidents personal secretary E Brey (p.s. my best bud ever Elder Brey) He had just gotten off the phone with the branch president of Elder Gomez (elder Gomez is the missionary that I trained while I was in Izcuchaca) His mother had suffered a severe complication from her pancreatic cancer and they told us that she was at the point of death.

We went RUNNING from the pension, which is about 10 minutes from the office. I started to call frantically to all of the members in Sicuani That I knew, hoping that they could find elder gomez and his companion working in some part of there sector. When we got to the office we got the phone call that Elder Gomez´s mother had passed away right after they called us.

 Later that night, I had to call Elder Gomez to inform him about what had happened. I remember when he would always talk about his mother and how much he loved her. He is an only child and doesn´t live with his father. His step dad is a wonderful man, but I couldn´t get my mind off how much elder gomez had lost.

 This morning Elder Gomez arrived from Sicuani, and we talked for a long time in Presidents office one on one. I was amazed by his strength and understanding about the plan of salvacion in this difficult moment. He has always been a missionary of dedicated service and excitement about the work. I was quite nervous about what his reaction was going to be. I was afraid that his feelings were going to bring him to want to end his mission. After a conversation with president harbertson and Elder Gomez's stake president, the decision was to send him home for a short period of time to be present at his mothers funeral.

 This afternoon I am trying to work out flights and tie up other loose ends so that we can get him to his mothers funeral.

 Often times, I miss being out 100% of the time working in the streets, but I get to dedicate about half of a day every day to that type of work. I am happy to say that my investigators progress in spite of the fact that we dedicate much of our time to other issues. I am also grateful for that constant feeling my father in heaven gives me to strive to proselyte as much as possible. I love the people of Perú and am grateful for the opportunity to serve them. The missionaries are wonderful. It is so great to have the opportunity to serve them together with president harbertson. I am grateful for the personal relationship that I have with him as well. As we were waiting for news from Elder Gomez´s stake president, President and I talked for a good little while about the trials in our lives and how the Lord molds us and puts us, often, through a fiery furnace of affliction,

 I just love E Gomez sooooooo much, my heart is really hurting for him right now. more on that later,

I am basically stuck in the office. And need to let E Gomez get on to give him a chance to send some emails, but I really love all of you and hope you are all doing great!

 Elder Neff

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