Thursday, October 31, 2013

CUSCO 10.18.13

The other day, I made a big realization.  I have never been happier. Really never been happier in my whole entire life. I am realizing the blessings that come from service and faithful dedication to the work of salvation... its not what I expected it to be, but it is really even better. 

I thought that the happiness you felt as a missionary would be smiles on your face, perfect teaching situations and baptizing MILLIONS! haha, but thats not it! Its personal peace mom. It is feeling clean from your sins and helping others to do the same, the best that you can. 

And the other part is this strong desire growing in me to always, always serve the lord and make that my main priority for my whole life! I understand very well that most of that work will be done with my own family, but sometimes I get scared thinking about the end of my mission because I will miss this oportunity so much. Its not that I dont want the mission to end, I know very well that it will. But I don´t want to stop serving the Lord. Ever. Period. That is what makes me happy right now. So that is my ulitmate goal for when I get home.- 

I miss the family, very very much. Some times it has been difficult... a lot of times actually haha. But I love you all and think about you often. 

Much love 

Elder Sam Neff

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