Wednesday, October 16, 2013

CUSCO 10.15.13

Ok mom and dad.... conference thoughts!!!

first of all, a little frustrated because I took a lot of notes and am not sure where my journal is where I wrote them all down, but I will give you all my thoughts from what I can remember.

Mom I loved your comments on the priesthood and honestly I had NO idea about that woman´s movement. What a shame. Someone who thinks they can change the Lord´s mind through a  protest... doesn´t understand revelation. And how sad because I feel like their worry comes from the fact that they haven´t even taken the time to really understand what the priesthood is, and that it is our unique oportunity to serve as men... President always talks about this.... and how he believes that men need the priesthood, it is the "program" that helps us learn how to be servicial... something that woman have before they even come to this earth. More and more everyday I realize the great blessing it is to hold the priesthood and help spread those blessings specific to the priesthood in Cusco Perú.

And all I´m saying is that men aren´t going around looking for the way to have kids.... well, I haven´t been home for quite awhile so I hope that the world hasn´t gone that far down hill since I left.

Some things from conference that really impacted me were Elder Richard G. Scott´s talk about  the power of the atonement for us personally and guarding ourselves from past problems.  Also Elder Ballard´s talk about just opening our mouths to preach the gospel... that has affected me a lot, and I have been making extra efforts to open my mouth this week.

More than anything after conference my desire to be a faithful follower of Christ is always strengthened... but this time it felt so distinct.  I felt the importance of this faithfulness in my calling as a missionary, and in all of the challenges we will face in these last days. I can´t imagine many of the difficulties that we will need to face.  I think the most valuable lesson of my mission has been realizing that being faithful to the Lord is all that matters. I feel good as I make good decisions... and that never has to end. It will be especially important as the world continues to move farther and farther away from the principles of the gospel... we don´t have to "hacerles caso!"

The mission has been a tough experience... but I think that the other day, I realized why that was so important.  I don´t think that my mission would be any good to me if it had not been so hard. The Lord had to teach me, I think, that he needs me to love him more than anything else.

The calling may not be that easy, but its my calling, and callings rarely are convenient.

Mom and Dad your examples have been soooooo good to me, when I read about Dad in mtgs all sunday and Mom juggling the lives of 7 children 1 grandkid and working at the  highschool.  I think about how we are all doing something for the kingdom of god.  It makes me happy :)

I am going to be honest. I´m not sure what days I will be writing but Ill try my best to make it constant!

Love you all :)

Elder Neff

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