Thursday, August 9, 2012

August 8, 2012 (Lima MTC)

Hello everyone! Here is a big update from PERU

This week we had some super exciting things happen, probably the most exciting week in the mission yet.

First of all, we had the oportunity to go out and proselite in Lima on saturday. The entire MTC loaded up on buses and drove out into the city at about 2 oclock in the afternoon and proselited until about 6 30 at night. Lima is something else. The city is absolutely HUGE. sooooo many people. My district went out to contact less active members in an area in central Lima. The biggest building is only 30 stories high ( no buildings can be over this height because they have earth quakes frequently here... in fact we have already felt like 3 small ones.) so everyone is crammed together in these really small houses. Our search to contact less actives was really pretty fruitless, we ended up walking around the city going to houses where the people either werent there, or didn{t want to talk with us. My native companion (elder Lezano) wouldnt stop telling me how dangerous the area were were in was. He kept saying Peligroso! With a really big smile on his face,  which was a little weird. I think he was over reacting a little, he is from a nice place in Lima and doesnt travel into the city very much. We did see so many weird things though, men welding things without goggles, people taking parts from elipticals to fix bicycles, and lots and lots of street vendors selling Pan (bread). I stick out like a sore thumb here... 6'2 tall and white is about as different as you could get here in Lima. People could not stop staring at me, really it was pretty funny.

Because we weren´t able to contact any of the less actives, we decided to go and place a few books of mormon and some pamphlets we brought with us. We decided to try our luck out in the central plaza across from the government buildings and big catholic churches. We met some wonderful people, one couple in particular was very receptive. As we approached them, they seemed somewhat disinterested, but when we began to talk about the book of mormon they became much more animated and were so curious about christ coming to the americas (a lot of people like that here :) They told us that they had been looking for something that would better their lives, and that they were a little dissillusioned with their current religion. They asked us if being a member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints brought us a lot of happiness. My companion had the biggest grin on his face as he told the man that they knowledge he had from being a member of the church (and reading the book of mormon) brought him the greatest happiness in his life. The family was so happy to hear this! They then asked us what made us pick them out from the others in the crowd, I told them it was because they had a little girl with them, and that the gospel message blesses families especially. Then we got to talk about eternal families, I hope with all my heart they decide to join the church!

One day this week, my companionship was late for class. our teacher told us that because we were late we would have to go and try to contact one of the cafeteria workers here at the mtc and teach them the lessons (apparently they are not members.) Sooooo.... yesterday we met Patricia, and today we are going to teach her at 3 oclock! WE HAVE A REAL INVESTIGATOR!  She is the cutest little cafeteria worker, and I am so excited to teach her the gospel.

This week we were also able to watch a really cool devotional by Elder Bednar! Also, Bethany Pinnock gave the closing prayer, so if any pinnocks are reading this I thought of you this week. :) It was such a cool talk! He spoke about not worrying wheter the Spirit was speaking to us, or whether we think it is our own thoughts, if we choose to be righteous, our footsteps will be guided. I know this is true! I know this gospel is true, i am so grateful to be able to serve.

 The weather here NEVER changes, about as different as it gets is some mist... the other day we had a little breeze blow through, that was pretty exciting. Still haven{t seen the sun in two weeks!

Love you mom I am doing great. IDK about the sunglasses, Did you read about the proceedures i talked about in the last letter? we can do those after the mission. Right now dont worry about sending me a package it just doesn{t work here. Love you lots make sure people send me mail and that i get some stamps. Id like to hear a little more about home so pls send me some more info.

pictures, not neccessarily in order

me nad my comp elder lezano
work on the lima temple
funny car add ( the traffic is terrible here)
all of us in front of the temple
cool color selective pic of a peru flag on a house

Thats it for this week! lots of love from peru

Elder Neff

p.s. send me some mail and some dear elders. Pouch mail is the best, snail mail takes about 3-5 weeks i think. Those of you waiting for letters sit tight! They are coming. ( mom try and get me those stamps so i can send out some mail)

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