Thursday, August 23, 2012

August 21, 2012

Dear Familia

Hello! How is everyone doing! Here is another update from the faraway land of Peru.

This week has brought a lot of changes. New principiantes have arrived, and we are now the advanced missionaries. I cant believe how fast the time has flown by! In two weeks ( more or less) we will be shipped out to our first area in the field, I can´t wait!

We had some medical issues in our district this week. Elder Driggs peed some blood one night, which is never a good sign. We told the president and he scheduled a doctors appointment for the next day. The diagnosis was kidney stones and he has been in a lot of pain all week. Members of the district switch off spending time with him in the residence halls. Well the stones never passed and today he went to the doctor to figure out what the problem was. It turns out his back muscles were in a permanently contracted state and were pushing on his kidneys! Ya pretty crazy huh? This happened probably because we had a challenge to do as many pushups and crunches as you could do in one day. But after a cat-scan and a number of shots he seems to be ok, better keep him in your prayers anyway.

We didn't have the oportunity to go out and prosylite this saturday, they never do it the first week new missionaries arrive at the MTC. We have had some great experiences just with our normal MTC teachers though,one I would like to share.

One was with a man who was struggling with problems drinking and abusing his family. He expressed a desire to change, but said that he felt he couldnt truly repent because he would continually return to the same sin. This made me do a lot of thinking, how can we bring these people to true repentance? How can we bring about a great change of heart in our investigators lives and in the process bring them closer to Christ.

With this man (se llama) Rony, I bore testimony that the Lord will forgive us, no matter how many times we sin. I am so grateful for the infinite atonement of Christ. The opportunity we have to be completely clean, and the fact that this opportunity is always open to us is an incredible gift. I know this man was just role playing, but my companion and I felt the spirit so strongly when his eyes lit up, knowing that he could be clean from his sins.

WE also recieved new latin roomates this week... Oh and this has been a joy! I feel so terrible, one of them absolutely has no concept of personal hygene. Our room stinks to high heaven HOLY COW. Its bad enough when you have 5 semi clean elders living in one confined space, but when you add another one who is from the high andes and probably showers 2 times a year this is a problem. So today, we  bought him deoderant and some shampoo and we are going to try and teach him how to stay clean, well let you know how that one goes nxt week :).

Things here are so good. I am so happy to be serving a mission. My life has changed so much already. I think the biggest change has been an increase in my desire to serve the Lord, and my love for him. At the end of the book the gospels, when the savior appears one liast time to his apostels, he tells them to feed his sheep. I know that I have that same calling, i am so grateful for this opportunity.

I have gotten two letters from mom so far, I hope the others make it here soon! (friends and family)

Con mucho amor

Elder Neff


Rapunzel (she gets me through each day :)

Elders nolan warburten and tarabilda

Wierd bear thing (the latins did this, I have no idea why! Sorry its a little creepy. that is elder Castro with me, hes a goof:)

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