Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August 29, 2012

Ok I need to get so much better at spending more time emailing my family, but here we go another weekly update from the faraway land of PERU!

Seeing that this is the last week here in the MTC, I would like to just recount a couple of awesome experiences and regular occurrences that happen here at the MTC in Peru. I have had so much fun playing soccer everyday, getting schooled by these little latino kids who somehow can carry the ball through a group of 6 Americans with hardly any problem at all. I love the people already and i am excited to finally get the opportunity to really serve them in one week! I love getting the opportunity to head out into the city every p-day and saturday, crammed in a bus where i have no option but to stand (because my legs are to long and i cant fit in the seats) with my head bent down because the ceiling of the bus is like 5 feet high! I getting a million hugs and salutations from all these latino missionaries who look up to us Americans.  Our first week our teachers told us that we would have to be an example to these new latino missionaries, and boy was that true! Most of them have never been in a situation whith a bunch of other kids there same age crammed in a small space ( ie the college dorm situation) So the first week they arrive usually entails a lot of whooping and hollering and running down the halls, playing crazy games and other things. After they get calmed down though we can all concentrate and get back to work.

My time here at the MTC has been so short, but it has been so precious. I'm not sure I ever imagined missionary work would be quite like this. The biggest surprise that has hit me in my time here, is the seriousness of the work. I think that often we forget the importance of the gospel as we live it every day and it becomes a routine part of our lives. Most of us forget that there are millions of people on this earth who ponder every day the questions of the soul and have no answers. Honelstly it has been a little daunting! Realizing that I have something so precious to share and that I am participating in the greatest work on this earth. I remember the first week here in Peru, coming to that realization and thinking that everything just needed to be going right, 100% right. I have my first lesson with my first companionship, our little trio. I went into the lesson knowing that these two missionaries could barely speak any spanish, and my mindset was that I needed to save the lesson and also the eternal salvation of this "investigator". Well as you can imagine that didnt work! And i have come to realize since that it is foolish to think that someone who has been called to the work cant do their job! I learned so much from these two companions, simply their desire to work has been so amazing and I know that they will be blessed with the gift of tongues in due time, as they continue to have faith and do the work.

Well I am out of here on tuesday! (at three o clock in the morning :(  )   Thank you everyone for your love and support while I have been here. Mom post my adress for the mission home pls :) Talk to you all in a week.

Le vaya bien

Elder Neff

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