Saturday, July 14, 2012

July 14, 2012

In Sam's letter, we didn't really get any information about his latest trip to the Dr.  However, Sam's eye doctor, Dr. Myers called this morning and left Greg a message. I played it several times and transcribed it (mostly).  See below.

Dr. Meyers:

Sam was seen in my office on Thursday.

He is doing great.  Having no pain. Vision is very clear.

Eye is healing so well. That I took him off of 3 of the 4 eye drops.

Pupil looks good, rounding out and healing nicely.

All blood is cleared out. He couldn’t be better.

Healing much faster than I anticipated and much better than  I anticipated.

I continue to hope that he will be just great.  I will see Sam again next week.

I have high hopes that there will be very little sign that he was ever injured.  He is healing fine.

Rest assured that he is really healing nicely.

Thank you all for your fasting and prayers.  We are so grateful to you all and to our Heavenly Father and His tender mercies.  May the Lord's blessings be with you for your sacrifices and prayers in our behalf.


(It is Greg's birthday today and this is the best present that he could have gotten!)

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