Friday, January 31, 2014

CUSCO. 1.31.14

Man, there are too many things that happen that I feel the need to write about! Ill try to get at least a little of it in....

I have had a great week and a half with my companion. We were with president and finished up the last few sets of zone conferen uillabamba, Valle Sagrado, Abancay and Andahuaylas.  Now, next week we have changes and then we are in preparation for the next change, nos toca entrevistas!

This week, I had a funny experience and a SUPER spiritual experience which one would you like to hear first?

Ok funny.

So we went to the quillabamba bus terminal to send of some packages with materials that the zone leaders needed. Well, we were there waiting for them to fill out a few papers when all of the sudden a lady came in to the terminal with a few suitcases and her children. It seems like the bus terminal was having very little business that day because all of the ladies representing the different bus companies began to yell, casera casera! (which I have always assumed means like frequent buyer, or the "regulars" that come to buy from a store.) Well she was obviously NOT  a frequent buyer as I saw the startled look on her face and her two kids. I watched in awe as the ladies came from the two bus companies and began a struggleto see who could get them to come to buy a ticket from their company... literally a struggle. One group of ladies managed to get a hold of the mom and one suitcase while the other company got a hold of the two kids and the other suitcase. I could hardly believe what was happening! They obligated the family to use two different buses! It was honestly the most bizarre thing that I have ever seen, I even yelled out and told them to stop but... it was really to late. At least the two buses were going to the same place......

Spiritual and uplifting now. We had a lesson with Carlos and his wife tania. Tania is a member but carlos isn´t... he has quite a few concerns about the church and some of the stories that are related to the restoration. We decided to teach the plan of salvation and base our teachings 100% in scriptures from the BOM.  It worked so well! At the end of the lesson I felt the need to tell him to read moroni 10:4 and 5. He expressed to us how we had often told him to pray to recieve an answer, but that he had never really had this great feeling or comprehension that this set us apart from all the other religions.... cool!

Love you all so much!

Elder Neff.

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