Saturday, December 21, 2013

CUSCO 12.9.13

Wow... it just got so real seeing my best buds in the airport! I am so proud of them and grateful for their good example. See you all in six months!

We have had some great experiences this past week... sorry I couldn´t get to you last week. I was kind of frustrated when the people who do maintenence in the chapel where we have the mission office came in to shut of the internet for the whole afternoon and fix it. Sorry you didn´t recieve an email last week!

The next day, we traveled to Abancay and then to Andahuaylas. Wow, what a beautiful trip. I am always amazed at the beautiful sights to see as we travel throughout the mission. don´t worry, Sister Harbertson took oodles of great photos and  I am sure that we are going to get them soon.

Ryan needs to tell me in what part of Abancay he worked in! I met some great remembers and some of the men from the district presidency mentioned that they remembered and Elder Brunt from a while back. The whole city is just a GIANT HILL. We had a great zone conference with the Elders and sisters. They seemed very excited to get a visit from their mission President. This has been one of the great dificulties in our mission, it is so hard to get out to many of the areas where the missionaries are serving... if you were to travel from one extreme of the mission to the other it would take you more than one day! And not even that... puerto is an other great challenge, luckily we drop the big bucks on a plane ticket and can get there rather easily.

We are also having a small Christmas program with the Elders. It has been such a spiritual experience for the Elders and I am very grateful that they have that chance to have a special christmas mtg. President and I do a musical # for the missionaries. Have you heard the song Still, Still, Still as done by the piano Guys? President plays the piano and I do the ooo´s ;) Its pretty great.

We have an investigator who is ready for her baptismal date on the 14th of December! I think that I have learned a wonderful lesson with this investigator. Her name is Danitza, and she is perhaps the most prepared person I have ever met for baptism. She is so ready. Someone who has investigated the church for an extended period of time and, wow, the experience shows. I am grateful that the Lord has given us such great oportunities to do good in our own area of prosyliting as well as help missionaries throughout the mission.

Elder Neff

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