Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sicuani 5.20.13

WOW! It is hotter than an oven in this peruvian internet cafe, but I could not be happier for the chance I have to write to all of you and to hear how the family is doing.

HAZELNUT!= cutest nickname for the cutest niece in the whole wide world!!!! I loved the video of her laughing. What was John saying? something like "Yeah!" and she would start to laugh. She is adorable and resembles a little the michelin tire man... but 1000000x cuter, and that is exactly how a new baby should be, cute, chubby and healthy.

HARD WORK is how Iwould describe this week. We put in a ton of hard work and it felt super good. As you all know my companion and I have been split up because two new missionaries came to the mission and opened up a sector in our zone. My companion is training one and the other is a missionary with more experience that has come from another mission, I have been working with him. We basically divided the sector so this week we were in desperate need of finding new investigators and working in areas of the sector (which is GIGANTIC) that we couldn´t get to for the size of the area. What does that mean? In addition to searching for references and supporting the less actives and new converts, we knocked on a LOT of doors. I really enjoyed myself, it is interesting to see how the people react to hearing the message of the gospel for the first time. I have a spiritual experience that I need to share about our increased efforts to contact. One night it was late, we were about to leave an area where we were contacting and head towards a meeting that we had with a less active. As we turned to leave the street we were on, I had a strong impression to contact a man who was walking slowly down the street It looked like he was depressed for something and the feeling was so strong that I couldn´t contain myself. It was interesting because at first he seemed a little startled that two young men began talking to him in the middle of an abandoned street haha, but he soon opened up and became very interested in the message that we had to give. We taught him this saturday and he and his wife have desires to get married and be baptized. Preach my Gospel says that when we teach people, at the start they may not realize that we are servants of the Lord, but if we have patience and teach them with power and by the spirit even the people with very hard hearts can be receptive to the gospel. So much more to say but my time is up....

I love you all, am praying for you. Next week Percy and Soledad get married. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!

Elder Neff

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