Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Izcuchaca 12-24-12

This has been such an exciting week! Cant wait to tell you all a bout it.
First of all forgive me if this isnt going to be too long but i had to create a skype account and my companion(even though i love his guts de verdad) Decided to take a ton of time writing his family and it really wasnt very thoughtful, but i could get too mad and kick him off because #1 I try to keep the companion unity... It is def the most important thing!

This week was a little wack because we had the christmas dinner and an actividad in izcuchaca... So we spent a good amount of time traveling and preparing things for our activity... Which by the was was DA BOMB! We did a talent show and i decided to sing Caro mio Ben for the members and investigators. I know i have sang that song like a million times but it is always so fun to share this talent... especially with people who really only listen to waino (no sure how you spell it) all day long.

The day of the actividad we also went to do service for the president of our family group. It really was a super cool experience... Mommy.... I can not be grateful enough for the experience we had as children to weed in our little garden... THis week i had the chance to weed an entire FIELD OF CORN!!!! Holy it was a ton of work. But we were all really happy to help president out (he lost one hand in un accidente de maquina. So he needs all the help he can get) The other missionaries decided to throw mud balls at eachother halfway through the service activity so i had a lot of one on time with prez to talk. I found out that he served in peru too... but that he backpacked the WHOLE TIME! And taught all of the missionaries quechua... WHile we were talking he told me that i really should try to learn it and that he would help me do it. I have progressed so fast with spanish that i thoug hit would be appropriate so during my language study i am spending half of the time speaking spanish and half of the time speaking quechua. I think i am going to use the money grandma gave me to buy a good text book.

But i would like to say that my learning has paid off! And honestly this story is hilarious. Last night my companion and i were about to sleep, when a band started to play music in the park close to our house... Well it was SO LOUD and of course they were playing waino no mas... But a few of the songs they were playing were in quechua so i decided to listen more closely. AND I UNDERSTOOD ONE! Well at least a part of it. They were all saying piki siki, a decir, Trasero Pulgoso.... or en ingles I HAVE A FLEA BUTT!!!! I started busting out laughing SO HARD And my companion had no idea why. Por fin i have understood something that the latins havent! ( i totally understand the song though i have had a flea butt for 3 changes and it isnt too pleasant ;)

One last story, and sorry the pictures are not working but i am going to send a TON nxt week. As you know we have a baptism this week, Hugo is going to be baptised (his wife didnt come to church this week so she still has to wait but she has all of the desires) We have also been talking to his grandson George. He and HUgo came to church this week. and i gave a talk in sacrament mtg and then taught the youngmen youngwomen class. Afterword he came up to me and asked me a question... and boy was it loaded! He told me that he had all of the desires to be baptized in our church... but that he was worried that some day he would never be able to get married if he wasnt legally married in the catholic church... I have a strong testimony of the guidance of the spirit because i knew exactly what i needed to say. I took him back into the classroom and we talked for awhile. He was in tears, and honestly I almost cried as well. It was the sweetest lesson i have had with any investigator on my mission. This kid reminds me so much of myself when i was his age (12 years old) Sensitive and a little insecure i guess you could say, but his heart is so good. I told him about eternal marriage and promised him that if he makes the desicion to be baptized he doesnt need to worry marriage... that the lord ALWAYS blesses his faithful children. He gets baptized on the 5th! I have never been happier.

I love you all! Be ready in the afternoon for a call. Ya Hablaremos pronto! Os Quiero muchisimo mi familia. Pakarincama (quechua. por nos vemos mañana!)

Elder Neff

Well To be

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