Monday, September 24, 2012

Izcuchaca - September 24, 2012

Ok newsletter here we come.
First things first, i know that i have given you close to no information about my beloved comp ELDER SOLIS. I feel terrible because really we have become best friends, I would love to give you a little info about mycomp and our roomates.

Elder solis is my trainer. Super chevere guy from lima, born into the church. One thing that is just wonderful HE SPEAKS ENGLISH! Which you might think i would use this as a crutch, but honestly it is an amazing help. We ALWAYS (casi siempre) Hablamos espanol. Pero a veces, quando ha sido necesario para recordar o encontrar un nuevo palabra en espanol, siempre le puede ayudarme para saber este palabra o frase. He also has the strongest testimony and knowledge of the doctrines of the gospel, he has taught me so much in the way of testifying with power and authority. AT times i think we are aprehensive to proclaim that the gospel is true to our vecinos, or anybody we come in contact with, (and perhaps that is ok in some cases because not all of us are missionaries) but for us it is very important, and elder solis has taught me how to do that. He always bears testimony and i always feel the spirit when he does it.

He is the funniest guy to and we love to joke around in english. I have had so much fun with him, and have been so grateful that he has been patient with my as i am trying to learn spanish.

The two other elders that live in our district, that room with us, are elders tavoian and ferman. Elder tavoin is seriously a hoot. SOOOO funny, he is from cedar city so its nice to have somebody who knows a little bit about home to chat with. I somehow encountered an american flag in the CCM and we both sang the national anthem with a lot of patriotism sept 11. Yes i miss the united states, we have it pretty good over there.
Speaking of the US, elder tavoians companion looks EXACTLY like barak obama. Kinda creepy. And i feel terrible because once again i have forgoten my camera but i promise to bring it nxt week and send some pics. He is from honduraz and loves his country almost as much as elder tavoian loves the US. (Let me tell you one of the only things that has caused a little contention between their companionship is where the promised land actually is)

So there is a little info on those cool cats.

This week was a little different... The president of our family group asked us to paint our chapel..... WOW that was not a good idea. We spent about 200 soles on painting supplies so like 85 bucks. and spent every single morning this week painting and cleaning our chapel. goodness gracious that was a bad idea. We had absolutely no time to study, and once you start a paint job you cant really stop. More especially for us because we were preparring for a special activity that we had this friday about eternal families.

Also we had the baptizm of kevin this week! I dont have my camera, so i dont have pics, but i promise to send some nxt week.

All in all things are super great. I am already experiencing some of the classic peru experiences, like getting shocked everytime i touch the shower head. OH AND THE FLEAS!! Mom i need you to send me some dog flea collars to put on my bed posts because the fleas are EATING ME ALIVE!!!! and they particularly like to snack on the insides of my thighs, which is totally weird i know and i am always itching so please send me some of that.
oh ya pictures
me and elder solis,

oh and elder tavoin had a birthday.

WEll i think that is it for this week LES AMO!

Elder Neff

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